1. Planning & Budgeting

During our one-on-one (or two) consultation, we will set goals and expectations based on your unique situation. We will also set a budget and consider any factors that will influence it.  We will also discuss your thoughts and any inspirational ideas you may have. Also, cabinet line, door style, and cabinet finish is chosen. After this, we are ready for the next phase.


2. Layout

One of our designers will visit your home and take measurements of the space. This includes all doors, windows, existing cabinetry, plumbing, lighting, and any other aspect that influences the design. We will consider any changes to the space such as moving a door or a window. We will then draft a computer-aided floor plan that will be used in the next phase.

3. Design

We will create a kitchen or bath design unique for you. You will see a 3D rendering of the cabinet layout. We will include appliance and plumbing placement with suggested fixtures. At this point, we will go over the design and revise any aspect of the layout that may need consideration.


4. Cabinets, Appliance & Materials

After the general design has been completed, we assist you in choosing appliances for your kitchen. We will then integrate it to the design. Then, we work with you to choose floor tile, back splash, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, counter tops, and cabinet accessories.

5. Order & Delivery

After finishing up the details of your kitchen, the cabinets are ordered. While the cabinets arrive, we get everything else ordered to ensure all items are here before we start the project. This avoids any costly delays due to back orders or discontinued appliances or fixtures. We take care of arrival dates and processing the delivery of the cabinets.


6. Installation

All cabinets are inspected for accuracy and quality. We will work with the installer before, during, and after the installation to facilitate the process. This is an exciting moment as you see the kitchen begin to come to life!

7. Next Steps…

Ready to get your dream kitchen or bath started? Book an appointment or come by our design center to get started!