Countertop and Backsplash Ideas for your Kitchen Remodel

Of course a kitchen remodel can offer you a new feel and sense of pride with your home.  Selecting your countertops and backsplash with a sense of style can really set the room apart. 

Be Open Minded to the Endless Opportunities

The sheer volume of selections can be intimidating for both the countertops and the backsplash tile.  Trying to mix and match colors and patterns adds another layer of confusion.  The combinations can overwhelm many.  You need to approach this selection process not from a unnerving perception, but rather as one of the most exciting opportunities to make your kitchen remodel be a focal attraction to your home for a long time. 

Kitchen remodeling can take many weeks to months to complete depending on the scope and materials.  You can enjoy seeing your dreams coming true by understanding all the options available for kitchen countertops and backsplash.

While the opening image above provides a clean appeal, notice how the quartz countertops contrast with the ceramic tile backsplash, that goes all the way up to ceiling.

Color and Contrast Provide Style

Sometimes we want the back to be soft and other times we want it to be bold.  We need to take into consideration the size of the room, the colors and patterns of the cabinets and countertops, as well as even the appliances.  In this next example we have neutral oversized subway tile that is married perfectly to the clean Taj Mahal Quartzite countertops.  The combined stainless steel appliances and soft wood tone cabinetry blends so well with the countertops and backsplash.

Kitchen countertop and backsplash remodeling ideas color contrast

When the Backsplash is Loud

There are times where you want the backsplash to be the focal point.  The entire kitchen can offer a solid clean look matched with beautiful herringbone multicolored backsplash and rose gold accents.  While the room may not be too large, it doesn’t take much of a glance to see the backsplash getting all the attention.

Kitchen countertop and backsplash remodeling ideas multi-colored

Countertops can be the Focal Point

There are just so many options to consider so you want to aware of your budget to meet your tastes.  Of course you do not want to set such an unreasonable budget that you are not able to get the first level of quality in your selections.  We like the analogy of looking for a rope bracelet for a loved one.  The same exact style can be purchased in silver, titanium and gold.  And simply selecting gold does not stop there since you can get gold plated, 14K gold or 18K gold.  The decisions on these permutations of a bracelet are the same when it comes to selecting Kitchen Countertops and Kitchen Backsplash.  The look may be similar, but the quality is different.   Simply remembering this will allow you to better focus on your dreams matching your investment dollars. 

Kitchen countertop and backsplash remodeling ideas for grey veins

In this design we chose to go with a contrast of black and white to highlight the midtones of the grey veins in the center Cambria quartz countertop along with the marbling white in the herring bone tile back splash.  It can take a moment to decide which items draw your attention, whether it is the island countertop, the side countertops or the backsplash.  Each blends perfect to their surroundings.

Solids and Patterns

Unfortunately there is just too many considerations to cover every possibility here.  Sometimes people prefer solids for the cleaner look it provides.  In this beautiful two tone cabinetry kitchen we went with a more mute countertop to accentuate the cabinetry and backsplash.  Or perhaps it is the patterned backsplash above the stove that is accentuating the rest of the kitchen?  We will leave that up to you to decide.

Kitchen countertop and backsplash remodeling ideas for each to accentuate the other

Color Choice Mix and Match can be Overwhelming

Just when you have your budget in order, and idea of material type and style type you like, you can then be met with the mountain of color options to consider.  In some cases you may easily think of a light color or dark color, but there can be more to it when deciding on the design of your current and future kitchen.   You want your countertop and backsplash choices to bring out the best of your room and not having a trained eye to guide you may lose the opportunity to select one or more colors wisely. 

Pros vs Cons Can be Viewed through a Different Lens

There are so many factors to consider when selecting Countertops and Backsplash, and Elite Kitchen & Bath is here to help.   Rather than looking at all the countertop and backsplash options from a Pro vs Con perspective, we prefer to look at it as What Is Right For You.  Of course everything can be viewed from Positive to Negative, but we are here to have you enjoy learning about your options.   We believe in a single-source solution for remodeling. Elite Kitchen & Bath uses a design-build process. This means the homeowner has a True Turnkey Remodeling Experience for everything from design, material selections, project management, and construction all under one roof.  Homeowners appreciate there is one company that’s accountable for everything from start through completion.

Bathroom Remodel with Ceramic Tile

No Project is Too Big or Small

Sometimes it is hard to appreciate the many options that fall under the kitchen remodeling category.  Whether it is a simple topic or more complex topic such as making cabinet and countertop selections, we can assist you on every decision.  So from super easy to more complex, from the ceiling to the floor, our mission is to provide the finest kitchen remodeling services to our clients.  

Sharing Customer Reviews is even more Important to Us

Of course we appreciate written reviews such as those found on our Google My Business profile.  But having professional customer reviews allows you to appreciate how we look at our clients, from the project detail to the client’s satisfaction.   Everyone wants to say they have happy customers, but we like to directly introduce you to them for new customers to appreciate the extra value that we provide. 

Professionalism First, Remodeler Second

Don’t waste your money on perceived savings when you can invest a little more working with a professional business.  Contact Elite Kitchen & Bath to find out for yourself how we have built a reputation for the timeliness, trust, and quality that sets a new standard in kitchen remodeling for the Santa Barbara, Ventura & the Santa Ynes Valley.  We know you will enjoy visiting our Showroom to select the Kitchen Countertops and Backsplash meant for you!

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