A Bathroom Remodel is Quick to Add Efficiency and Value

Of course a bathroom remodel offers cosmetic appeal that can function in a manner where you feel you have stepped away into a private getaway.  After the kitchen, bathroom remodeling is one of the biggest and most important changes in every home.  The perfect bathroom remodel project has a well-balanced design so it fits everyday usage.  There are some additional advantages about bathroom remodeling that should not be overlooked. 

Quicker than other remodeling projects

While other remodeling projects can take many months to almost a year depending on the scope and materials, many bathroom remodeling projects can be completed in six weeks or less.  You can enjoy seeing your dreams coming true much faster than other types of home improvements.    

Efficiency for saving money and the planet

Obviously you will first focus on the design and materials when starting your bathroom remodel.  But now will be a great moment  to also consider topics such as water and energy efficiency. Water efficiency in the bathroom starts with the toilet where flushing can account for over a quarter of all the indoor water use. The other major water-guzzler in the bathroom is the shower. There are now all sorts of options to provide a powerful shower using very little water.  Faucets offer appeal while also being an easy way to provide water efficiency.  Bathrooms tend to use more light than most people need, and this provides even more opportunity to see the options that are beautiful and efficient.  There are just so many ways to put more money in your pocket as time passes, while doing the right thing for the planet and visually enjoying your bathroom too.

Added value is still achieved

Many reports show that bathroom remodels yield the biggest returns in terms of boosting your home’s resale value.   And in California, many homeowners can expect a return on investment upon resale that is slightly more than the national average.  

There are so many factors to consider with a Bathroom Remodel and Elite Kitchen & Bath is here to help.  We believe in a single-source solution for remodeling. Elite Kitchen & Bath uses a design-build process. This means the homeowner has a single source for everything from design, material selections, project management, and construction all under one roof.  Homeowners appreciate there is one company that’s accountable for everything from start through completion.

No project too big or small

Sometimes it is hard to appreciate the many options that fall under the bathroom remodeling category.  Whether it is a simple topic or more complex topic such as making countertop, cabinet and shower selections, we can assist you on every decision.  So from super easy to more complex, from the ceiling to the floor, our mission is to provide the finest bathroom remodeling services to our clients.  

Sharing customer reviews is even more important to us

Of course we appreciate written reviews such as those found on our Google My Business profile.  But having professional customer reviews allows you to appreciate how we look at our clients, from the project detail to the client’s satisfaction.   Everyone wants to say they have happy customers, but we like to directly introduce you to them for new customers to appreciate the extra value that we provide. 

Professionalism first, remodeler second

Don’t waste your money on perceived savings when you can invest a little more working with a professional business.  Contact Elite Kitchen & Bath to find out for yourself how we have built a reputation for the timeliness, trust, and quality that sets a new standard in bathroom remodeling for the Santa Barbara & Santa Ynes Valley.

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